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Uri's Rules for the Forum       

Rule 1.  You can post anything you like to the Board.

Rule 2.  I can delete anything I don't like from the Board.

Rule 3.  I am not responsible for what's on the Board, answers or solutions.

Now that we've dispensed with all the rules, I'd like to give you my ideas on what the message board should be -- what it should do and what it shouldn't do.

On posts that offer technical advice on home improvement/home repair topics, including tile and marble, manufacturing or technical advises, a name and valid email address must be listed.  In other words, if you are holding yourself up as an "expert," or if you claim some authority on a subject, we want to know who you are in case some one wants to check your credentials.  If you are only seeking advice, on the other hand, an alias will do.

Although, the Board will  evolve into an advice forum dealing mostly with ceramic technologies, raw materials, drying and firing,  tile, granite and marble questions.  I would like it also to serve as a community forum for anything and everything.  If you have announcements or notices to post on any subject whatsoever, go for it.

Brief commercial postings are welcome and encouraged.  You will find it possible to post live links.  Just type in or paste a valid URL (http://, etc.), and when you post the message, the link will be given life.  If you want to post a link back to your own site, that's okay, too.

I've been involved in ceramic manufacturing, from bricks, pavers to refractories, porcelain wares trough to tiles for the last 27 years, and I am amazed at how much I don't know.  There are other pros and experts who show up around here, and I'm sure they feel that way, too.  I'll argue their ears off, but I'll come away with some new knowledge each and every time.

I would like to remind professionals that "the Board" is intended to benefit do-it-yourselfers.  I encourage you to speak in a language that everyone can understand. 

What is not encouraged and what will not be tolerated are mean spirited or rude posts on any subject.

No one posting to "the Board" can be held responsible for outcomes resulting from advice posted here.  Advice is just that.  There are no guarantees.

While the board is open to anyone on any subject, there is no democracy here. Just as I have the right to edit "the Board," I also have the right to change the rules without notice.  If something comes up that has not been anticipated, I'll change the rules.  I guarantee it.

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Uri Schwartzberger, 22nd of February 2001


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