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                         Refractory Items




  All items have a very high aluminium content vitrified body. Are to be used up till 15500C.  All items have a high mechanical, thermal shock and wearing resistance. 

  1.    Electric kiln element supports:

 Vertical interlocking shape.     Element Rods&Connection bit. 19mm

Ceiling Ring Element Holder

    2.  Kiln ceiling fiber support and door plug:


    3. Thermocouple protection tubes:

Large and XLarge tube is suitable for N and K type Cr-Al thermocouples. Small tube can be used for Pt-Rh thermocouples. 

3. Alumina Cylindrical Crucibles:

Capacity ~120 ml. Open Porosity 21.6%

Chemically stabile at high temperatures. High mechanical strength, thermal shock resistant. Usable up to 1550 dgr.C in any firing environments.


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