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We give outstanding services of a very high quality, based on personalised request of our customers.

Our aim is to give service for complete satisfaction.




Coloured glaze developments


Due to our R&D programme, we accept colour developments to make any of our items in the requested colour, shade and finish.

We may accept colour developments for to apply the glaze onto other items (e.g. changing the look of ready glazed tiles; glazing not glazed pavers etc.)



Item developments


Special shaped items can be developed for limited production runs. These items may be used for restoration jobs. For each job, will be used the appropriate ceramic body according to the use of the item (e.g. earthenware,  vitrified porcelain or coloured body).



Ceramic body developments


For special use, we can develop the suitable ceramic body composition.



Glazing and firing


We are accepting jobs for glazing and firing items made by other manufacturers. This service includes reglazing ready glazed items.



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